What We Do - Talent X-Ray
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What We Do

What We Do

Talent X-Ray simplifies your talent selection process through a suite of scientifically validated and job-specific assessment tools utilizing an all-in-one measurement system (combined with customized interview questions and key performance indicators) to help reveal a candidate’s true talents, identify their likeliness to succeed in a given role, and provide a unique basis for selection comparison enabling organizations to acquire and develop top-flight talent and eliminate costly miss hires.

The Missing Piece of Talent acquisition and development

Our scientifically-validated assessments have been specifically designed to enhance your hiring process by providing an in-depth look into the candidates’ personality and thought process as it relates to the job requirements helping you to …

  • reduce turnover
  • avoid the cost of a bad hire
  • reduce new hire learning curve

Don’t wait until you hired someone to discover that they don’t fit the job. Leverage in depth personality assessments to hire the right people and integrate them into your organization quickly.