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80% of employee turnover comes from bad decisions at the time of hiring

Average Cost to Replace an Employee–$12,800

Peter Druker, renowned business author and consultant, said “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”. While this is true; it is people who make up culture. If you want the “right” culture, you start with the “right” people. The elusive search for “right people” is the challenge and frustration of many organizations. Companies have turned to talent (or personality) assessments to help them overcome these challenges.


Using the right assessments for employment testing, development, team building, and promotion decisions deliver significant value to organizations.

Hiring Test Accuracy

“Mirror`` Test (are they alive)0%
Resume Test0%
Interview Test0%
Background/Reference Test0%
Personality Test0%
Intelligence/Aptitude Test0%
Occupational Test0%
Integrated Test with ``Job Match``0%

Companies Should Apply 3 Selection Criteria

  • 1. Visual Presentation

    • a. Appearance
    • b. Manner
    • c. Expressiveness
    • d. Interest
    • e. Presence

  • 2. Competencies

    • a. Knowledge
    • b. Acquired Skills
    • c. Training
    • d. Experience
    • e. Education
    • f. Credentials

  • 3. Attitude/Cognitive

    • a. Attitudes/Beliefs
    • b. Self-Motivation
    • c. Persistence
    • d. Maturity/Judgment
    • e. Aptitude
    • f. Temperament

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